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 About IkenoshitaAich Prefectural Art Theater and “Aohige-ko no Shiro,” presented at the spring festival of The Globe Tokyo, etc. In Toga Director’s Contest held in August 2006, we performed “Inugami,” one of Terayama’s landmark works, and received the prize of excellent director. “Inugami” was restaged in Toga Festival in 2007. Further out, we invented new “Educating Mad Persons,” Terayama’s puppet theater work, with Ikenoshita’s own way of body expression and performed it in series in 6 cities of 3 countries: in Miryang Theatre Festival and in Seoul in Korea, Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo in Japan and in Shanghai Alice Festival in Shanghai).

In 2008, we started Ikenoshita MISHIMA project to open up new opportunities for performance of Yukio Mishima’s works.

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